The Story Behind 2 Day Work Away

Why did I create 2 Day Work Away? 

Just like you I found myself prioritizing deadlines, regular office and client tasks but rarely found or made the time for the goals and projects that needed to get done but didn’t necessarily have a due date. 

These items are just as important, but somehow don’t make it on the priority list. Sound familiar? 

I noticed, that when I had a trip and some time away from the office (airport layovers, coffee breaks between conference sessions, waiting room at jury duty…) I could suddenly get an immense amount of work done in the smallest time frame. Sound familiar?

So why not create an extended block of time? 2 days to be exact where I could not only complete those looming items:

  • Need to do a website refresh?
  • Want to get your social media planned for the next several months?
  • How about all those blog posts you swear you’re going to get done?
  • Need to write your SOP or business plan?
  • What about that business launch you know will be great…if you could just get it launched?
  • Need to get your annual calendar done?
  • Considering changing your pricing structure or packages?
  • How about those feedback surveys you’ve been meaning to do?
  • Processes and systems to write and put into place?

Here is the bonus…what makes 2 Day Work Away different than other retreats and workshops is not only that each event will be limited to 14 attendees, but also that none of the attendees will be competitors from your market.  This way you can feel comfortable discussing and getting feedback on your ideas, questions, projects and work hurdles during the brain-storming and round table discussions.

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