The key to the 2 Day Work Away sessions is that they break you away from the norm that is holding you back from completing a project or accomplishing a goal.  Each of our intensive cities and venues were chosen because it offers a working ambiance that is superior but also offers a great room rate so you’ll have the opportunity to add on a day or 2 of rest, relax and visit time should you choose to extend your trip.  I mean, who doesn’t want (and deserve) a day by the pool or at the beach, shopping or site-seeing after finishing a huge to-do due project or goal? Choose from one of our exciting upcoming destinations!

Upon registration you’ll also be offered the option to add on to the work intensive with the new “Calendaring for Brain Peace” class 

where you can learn how to be more productive by planning more time off!

What would happen if you made this small investment into your business? What is your ROI of getting those ever-looming to-do list items done? Could you make more money? Have better and more qualified sales? Could you take more time off? Could you make your job easier? My guess is yes to all of the above. Do it! There’s no time like the present. Take one of the limited spots before your favorite location sells out!
Don’t see a city that works for you –  Additional cities and dates to be announced soon!

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