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Kelly McWilliams, Founder

It took me 17 years running my business to realize that I had my most productive and creative days when I was away or on vacation.  Here I am, running a successful 6 figure business and I can’t find a few hours to get my website in over 6 years? That’s crazy! But its true. I also noticed that while I was feeding my brain at conferences and workshops that I had the most eye-opening and a-ha moments while I was surrounded by and talking with people who weren’t my competitors, but who knew what I was going through as an entrepreneur.

In my years as a wedding and event planner I have also had the opportunity and took the risks to host a series of 2 day educational workshops for local wedding professionals, plan and execute two +100k wedding giveaways, and be a partner in a series of networking and round table industry community gatherings. To ensure that our up and coming generation of wedding professionals had some real life insight into entrepreneurship, wedding planning, design & execution I also sponsored over 40 interns.

My goal for the 2 Day Work Away series is to give you the opportunity to accomplish your goals and perhaps create new ones in the way that I have found success. I’m looking forward to sharing this time with you and watching you make the most out of 2 days that could potentially change your world in small or large way that brings big results.

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