Did you ever notice that when you leave your office for vacation or work trip that you’re able to get more done in the days just before?  Did you ever notice how much you seem to be able to accomplish when you are away from your office working (airport layovers for example)? What if you could plan to get out of your office and get that ever-looming project you never seem to get to done in 2 days?  What if you could have that and return 2 days later with an empty to-do list, solutions you never would have thought of on your own and had a great time while you were at it?

2Day Work Away is not a typical work retreat or a small group mastermind. It is a 2 day work intensive with structured project work time to achieve your goals and group brainstorming-round table sessions.  You won’t have to worry about anything, all your meals will be waiting for you.  You’ll have break time and a great time while getting the most out of 2 days away. No fluff.  No speakers. Just work, group brainstorming and round table discussions.


2 timed & structured uniterrupted work days aimed for you to focus, be more efficient and plan for your business.


A method of planning to manage your business AND life calendar, with guided time to implement in class.



What would happen if you made this small investment into your business? What is your ROI of getting those ever-looming to-do list items done? Could you make more money? Have better and more qualified sales? Could you take more time off? Could you make your job easier? My guess is yes to all of the above. Do it! There’s no time like the present. Take one of the limited spots before your favorite location sells out!
This is the opportunity to unplug from your daily distractions,
open your laptop & notebook and get your stuff done.
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